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Church Edification

Last week the RS teacher at church approached me with a small slip of paper. She asked me if I would be willing to prepare a short two minute "talk" on Joseph, being tempted by Potiphar's wife, as a part of her lesson. Specifically, the slip of paper read, "Joseph with the luxury of Egypt being tempted by a beautiful woman and what we can learn from this."

Well, I was happy. I LOVE the story of Joseph. I have loved it since my mother first told it to me when I was a little girl. I think I fancied he and I had a lot in common, I was my parent's favorite and I was sure any day they would prove it by giving me a lovely coat of many colors. Or some Jordache jeans.

When I was 22 my oldest sister took me to a broadway performance of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat". My sister was giving me this great gift and I was shocked and disappointed by it. It was about halfway through when I realized it was a Broadway performance, not a religious demonstration to uplift and edify. I was pious in those days. I remember looking over at my sister who was in hysterics as Pharoah "the King" came out in Elvis garb and recounted his dreams to the tune of "All Shook Up", I was disgusted. I was sure the Pharoah would roll over in his tomb if they could see what we'd done to him in our day.

Then I pulled my head out and FELL IN LOVE with the music from this show. I listened to it nonstop for years and still would if both my husband and son weren't always all, "Why is there music on and why is it so loud!?" all the time.

So, of course when I was given the opportunity to expound on my love of the story of Joseph, you can believe I was thrilled.

I mentioned it to J in hopes of getting some ideas, feedback, insights that he may have.
So I say to him, "So-And-So has asked me to talk for a couple of minutes about Joseph and his temptation with a beautiful woman." Since this particular beautiful woman is more readily known as "Potiphar's Wife" I think me referring to her as "a beautiful woman" threw J for a minute. He is master of all bible stories and knows obscure dialogue between obscure characters in obscure books of the bible. So, you can imagine my surprise when he responded, "His temptation with Bathsheba?"

Yeah well, I don't know a lot, but I know that Bathsheba was David's problem, and MY Joseph didn't succumb to temptation, so how dare he!? I haughtily replied to J, "No! Not David and Bathsheba, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!"

Talk about looking stupid.

Without missing a beat, J replied, "Well, in that case, I definitely think you should talk about the part in the bible story when Joseph says, "Please stop! I don't believe in free love!"

That was VERY powder-sugar blown onto computer screen FUNNY!! I too love Joseph and the musical. They need to do that with all the great bible stories. I am sorry to tell you that Daniel was the one who got the "Danashes"! We were not EVEN close.... but looks whos laughin now:)

She was beautiful but EEEEEVILLL-la! Another Joseph fan chiming in. I absolutely adore that show. And because I've listened to the soundtrack so many times, I can not only name the 12 tribes of Israel but can also tell you every color in Joseph's coat ("it was red and yellow and green and brown and scarlet and black...")

The downside is that someday, when I meet the real Joseph, I'll expect him to break into "Close every door to me..." and then I'll be embarrassed.

P.S. I would've loved to have been in your RS today and listened to you tell the story. :)

I'm not American enough yet I guess, I have never seen/heard the show/movie/soundtrack, etc.

My only contribution to this post is this:
"Stop! in the name of love
Before you break my heart".


one of the best lines in the show. i love that musical. it introduced me to the color 'ochre' and the tribes of israel.

see, now you had to go and talk all greek to me.... dangit. I agree w/ NCS...

think it Ooooo Oooooo Over

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