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Happy Birthday Stinky Pants

I can say that in all sincerity because I haven't changed her diaper yet, and she's been yelling at me all morning. But OH it's a big girl yell! When I rolled over in the oh-so-comfortable hotel bed this morning, I saw her long body lying in the crib next to me and I had to blink over and over. She's two, and she looks it! I don't know when that happened.

North Carolina is BEAUTIFUL. I really really like it here and just might not come back. Except I miss my bed desperately. When we were planning this trip over a month ago, I checked about 8-10 different hotels and every single one of them was booked completely. There's some furniture showcase or something and apparently, furniture people REALLY plan in advance. So, this hotel has "spa" tagged on the end of the name, and I think that title comes from having some rocks arranged artistically in random places, you know, like a Japanese garden. Oh there's a couple of cascading fountain wall-art type things. Jay just keeps saying, "Oh, they try". We're not really hotel snobs---well, I'm not, but when we walked into the room with two full beds, that was all I needed to know about this place. Full beds? Who does that? And then later when the children were completely inaccessible to me in the bathtub, that was the second indication.

I really don't want to blog about our hotel.

I'd like to blog about something 10 times more interesting.

2 years ago today was Easter Sunday. I had gone into labor the night before. I spent most of Easter morning puttering around our neighborhood trying to encourage the contractions along. I had had great dreams of Easter morning with my husband, 22 month old, and my mom who had come to stay with us to help with the baby. My husband was busy with Ben because I was in no mood to care for him. And my mom was in the hospital recovering from a major surgery having part of her colon removed. Yeah, that was an interesting twist to our "how to smoothly transistion from one child to two" plan.

Later that day I swore at my husband, cursed the Utah hospital system, proposed to my anesthesiologist, and just before 9 pm gave birth to a tiny little redhead.

And now she is sitting on my lap, forcing cries, crocodile tears, and smacking my wrist for not letting HER do the typing. How did we get here?

We're going to celebrate by driving around WS looking for a park and a Walmart, in no particular order. Maybe later, if she's lucky, we'll have sushi again.

Birthday sushi is a popular tradition here at Casa de Brinatty. NOT. But the devil's food cake with chocolate sour cream frosting is. (Yours is much healthier.)

I wish I could be there with you. :) It sounds beautiful. My mom has gone to NC to buy furniture before because it's the Ethan Allen factory or something and you get a huge discount if you buy it there, or something... I don't know. I don't buy furniture.

Here's hoping you can be comfy in your hotel room bed. :)

Happy Birthday, Little Red. :) Auntie Traci is making cupcakes just for you....

Winston-Salem is actually kind-of a quaint little place. They do try.

Sushi. Yummers. There is also a place there called Sweet Potato something. Might be great for your date with the blog stalker...The fries are to die for and you can't leave SC without tasting sweet potato pie.

I'm done being travel guide now. Have a fun week.

This morning in the car I heard this James Taylor song, and sang along with it in celebration of Avery's 2nd.


"Whenever I see your pretty little pout/ It turns me inside out"

So, for her 2nd birthday, Avery has learned to spit at me when she's mad and to say "look at me" incessantly. Very two, no?
Also, the word from the locals on parks is "don't go, they are full of cr@ckheads. Niiiiice. I've been Plano-ized fo sho.

Millie---"I don't buy furniture" made me guffaw. In my hotel room. Apparently this is THE place to buy furniture. The next biggest town is where the furniture thing is and it's called "The furniture capitol of the world" I just read that today. How's that for a claim to fame.

T--I've got Sweet Potatos on the agenda. I still like W-S, despite the lack of parkage for children.

Emily--that first verse of that song is AVERY---isn't it? You would love her "look at meeeeeee"
She also learned what button to push on the elevator to get to our room and beats down Ben to get to it first. It's very funny to me. Not so much for Ben.

I totally agree about the full-size bed thing. Do couples actually sleep on them anymore? Maybe it's just because I'm a floppy sleeper, but some days a Queen doesn't seem large enough.

Have fun on your trip! :)

Aww, happy Birthday Little Avee!! My favoritest little redhead girl in the whole world. If I was auntie Traci I'd be making cupcakes, but alas, you're stuck with not your aunt, not having you over to visit me and no homemade cupcakes.
"I proposed to my anesthesiologist", so, did he say yes?
Firstborn always gets seafood on his birthday. Hmmm, seafood. Avee is my kind of girl, yay for Sushi.
Beds- we have to have a king bed (we have a Cal-King) anyhting else just won't do.

Here's to birthday 2's and all their myriad of discoveries. That elevator button pushing thing lasts about 10 years by the way, at least.

So what I'm wondering from the context is are the artfully arranged rocks actually in the bed? Because I can see why that would be pretty uncomfortable. But I say as the pregnant lady in the room you should get one of those full size beds and Jay should take the other with the kids.

I'm a bad friend - I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Avery. Happy Birthday Avery! (sorry it's a day late)


Okay, I am a day late, Avee, but only because your mommy had to go all "private" on me (and that little detail where I deleted my google account) Anyhoo! I hope you had a great B-day filled w/ cake and sugar filled soda!

And it's actually not my birthday, but thanks for thinking of me.

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