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We're Off

We're flying to North Carolina tomorrow. Anybody know of any thrilling things to do in Winston-Salem? Besides smoke cigarettes.

We're also going to Charleston, South Carolina for Easter Weekend. I'm hoping we'll find an Easter egg hunt to crash. Think they'll notice we're not locals? We're going to DC this upcoming weekend and I don't really need any ideas on what to do because I already don't know how we're going to squeeze in childcare, diaper changing, personal hygiene, and sleeping with all the talking and eating Code Yellow and I have to do in two short days.

Avery turns 2 on Tuesday. Suddenly she just looks so big to me.

Today in nursery they sang Happy Birthday to her, I happened to be in there to take her home a little early. I'm teaching her the fine art of playing hookie---early. The entire time they sang to her she stared at me and didn't move her eyes. She was either VERY aware that all attention was on her and she froze in a moment of "This is all I have ever wanted in life, and now I have it and don't know what to do!" or she couldn't figure out what was going on. "What is this birthday of which they speak? And how come this is the first time I'm hearing this lovely song with my name in it?" It looked like the latter. Either way, it was a pretty funny reaction.

Jay has arranged for a coworker to babysit for us so we can have a night on the town. I'm wondering what kind of sick joke this is and what this imposter has done with my husband. Or maybe it just takes going to one of the Carolinas for him to woo me. I'm pretty thrilled either way. I can talk openly about this because I didn't invite Jay to read my blog. He was the undesireable commenter.

I haven't packed my deoderant, toothpaste, shirts, makeup...oh I'll stop there. I haven't packed anything.

Hope y'all have a wonderful week. I might be posting tomorrow at noon. Who knows.

I am going to miss you :'(
Aww man, I'm SO going to miss you!!

"...eating Code Yellow", I had to read that 33 times before I understood (but I am Mexican and it's almost midnight).

Happy Birthday sweet little Angelic Avee!! Have fun.
I'm just going to sit here and miss you.

Ooops, I meant I had to read that "3 times".
That's how Mexican I am.

I am #1, 2 and 3.
That is how much I miss you.

Hey. I miss you too.

Good luck with the packing and leaving and everything, and I hope you have/had fun on your date with the undesirable commenter. We all have one of those in our lives, don't we? :)

I love your description of Avery being sung to... "This is all I've ever wanted in life..." HA!!!

Heeeeelllllppppp!!!!!! Angela is coming to eeeeeaaaaatttt meeeee!!!!! (running and screaming around the house with C &H - it's their favorite game - thanks for the reminder, NCS:)

I. Can't. Wait.

I don't know anything fun to do in any of those places you mentioned, but I hope you'll update us because I plan on going South next year. Well you cn leave out updates on the diaper changing.

Avery's reaction to the very lovely song with her name in it is hillarious!

I do the same thing where I look at my kids and suddenly they seem so big. It really happened after I had my 2nd son and my first just seemed gigantic.

Have fun on your trip! :)

Oh geez I get a life for a day or so and look at NCS go.....
I hope you have a blast away from home. Happy Birthday Avee!!! Two years of rule under your belt 98 more to go.

We went to Charlston a couple years ago, and the best place we ate was Sticky Fingers. My Dad bought about 14 bottles of their BBQ sauce... I think he may like it more than Auther Bryants!!! oh no!

app bert-day Avee. Love you forever sweet ting.

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