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Love Is...

Sitting behind 27 preschoolers during story time at the public libarary. Seeing your child's impossible-to-keep-up pants resting low in their "normal" position, just enough to share his half moon with everyone else.
And thinking he's the cutest kid within miles.

Heeeee... you'll think differently when he's a chubby 10-year-old.

Plummers are loved by many housewifes. I agree with millie at some age/size it ain't so aaaah:)

I think now you are just bragging.

Heeeee... you'll think differently when he's a chubby 40-year-old.


Wait until he's 75 and it's still happening. Then you'll be plain old disgusted.

When he's walking around outside without pants and mooning the neighborhood children...

and he's 95...

you'll think differently.

Which never happens in WA, by the way.

LOL! Hopefully at least he didn't know! :D

How about when he is 98? Have you thought about that Angela?
I bet you won't be laughing then!

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