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On Being Gifted

Tonight I read an article written about determining whether or not your preschooler is gifted.
In general, I can't be bothered by the hooplah. Probably because my preschoolers will be raised by a person who uses words like "hooplah" and doesn't even know how to spell them. Or necessarily what they mean...

Oviously when a child is in school and it becomes apparent he or she is gifted, there are things a parent will need to do to make the child's learning experiences positive. But as it stands I have a preschooler who spends much of his day choosing not to wear pants after the tedious task of taking them off to go to the bathroom. So I really don't think it matters much.

But curiousity did get the best of me and I read through the list of things to look for in a gifted child. "Yes, yes, no, no, I wish, never, absolutely, sort-of, oh since the day he was born", etc. I bet every parent could read the same list and answer just like me. But every kid can't be gifted. There are too many dumb adults in this world that prove that fact. Unless of course there is an age where you go from being a gifted child to being well on your way to dumb adult. Actually, I think that may have happened to me...

Even though I did click on the link out of curiousity, in my defense, I stopped reading after the heading, "Testing for Giftedness". Is giftedness a word? Do you have to be gifted to know that? Is it gifted people who know that others make up words in the name of being gifted, but aren't really gifted? Are there gifted adults? Am I one of them? What would be on the adult gifted checklist? I think one of them should be being able to properly use the word "criterion". It's not as easy as it may look.

I'll tell you gifted.

Tonight Benjamin asked me to lay with him at bedtime, as he asks every night. I rarely do it anymore. Tonight when I declined his invitation, he asked why. I told him that we were having playgroup at our house in the morning and there were some things I'd like to get done before I go to bed. "Like what?" the nosey (yet full of giftedness) little boy asked.

"Uh, well, I'd like to take out the trash and clean up the living room a little bit."
His eyes swept around the room and in one last desperate attempt he said, "Well, it all looks pretty clean and nice to me mom."

If only he had included, "and you're petite and beautiful in your last trimester of pregnancy" he SO would have gotten his way. He'll learn though, because even though I can't be certain, I'm pretty sure he's being raised up in the way of gifted people.

Very LOL, I think just in the fact you take those types of pictures of your children makes you "gifted" in a backward shirt kinda way. You raised some thoughts for me to ponder on today.
I bet everyone is gifted in WA.

Maybe we read the same article, because I was trying to figure out if my son was gifted too, lol. Looks like our boys put their clothes on the same way. Funny pictures!

S is right. We are all gifted in WA. We call it "the downwinder effect."

I was a gifted child, but my children couldn't care less. All they want is food and toys and clothes and that stuff. They don't care what great thoughts I was thinking at the time I provided them. And that's sad.

I believe those are the BEST pictures EVOH.
I think Benja is gifted, I mean, first of all, that shirt totally convinces me!.

PS: S must be gifted, everyone is WA is gifted just as she said. To include Mexicans.

yes, I am declaring those pictures the BEST EVOH.

Now that kid is truly gifted!! It takes a real genius to put your shirt on backwards so that those who follow will know how gifted you are!! Thats thinkin' As for the blow dryer, he is really studing how it operates, that is raw talent! Now the flip flop example is the best, that is a kid who thinks outside the box, there is more than place to put a flip flop.. way to rotate on the toe space!!!

Now my son is at the moment singing along to the zoopals commercial:
"Goo gack...goopals.
Gack goo...gackpals.
Goo gack...Goopals.
Gackpals goo gacking goo!"

And that's gifted. Who needs a stinking test to confirm?

Well, I have nothing clever to add to your clever post, but I loved it! :D

What's the criteria for being allowed to nibble on those brilliantly misplaced flip-flop toes?

Awesomely funny post. And so true - who wants to know if their preschooler is gifted, anyway? I think it would cause a dumb parent like me undue stress for sure, trying to make sure they maintain their brilliantness as an adolescent.

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