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THANK YOU---in all caps

I have to say, there is something pretty darn liberating about knowing exactly who is reading my blog. I didn't necessarily feel restrained before, but this is cool! Now if only there was a way to know what you are wearing while you read....

I just really want to say thank you to all of you for lettin' me go private like this and sending me encouraging emails. And if you didn't send an encouraging email, you know who you are...
Just kidding. It's difficult for me to relate how hard this "invasion" is on me. It sometimes surprises even myself.

When Jay and I lived in Provo our cars got broken into 3 different times. His twice (and it's the biggest piece of crap in any parking lot in any town---go figure) and mine once. Sadly, the one time mine was broken into, that very night my friend had left a brand new $400 digital camera, her purse and checkbook in the car. It all got stolen. The checkbook thieves ordered pizza 7 times in the next 18 hours. Who can eat that much pizza? That's just insane. Anyway, I of course felt HORRIBLE that her stuff was gone from my car. I didn't know she had left it. And she figured, "It's Provo, what's the worst that could happen." Yeah well, she forgot which side of the tracks we lived on.

So, I was really really sick about it and just sort of heartbroken about the violation of someone having rifled through my personal possessions. This feeling stuck with me long after everything had been resolved, and I remember it surprising me that it was so lingering and so strong.

Interestingly enough, they rifled through all of my CDs and didn't care for my taste. Not a one was stolen. They did break my Michael McLean CD. Right in half. Probably just on principle alone. I actually understand that.

My whole point is this, I sort of have a similar surprising reaction to this "event". I was really sad and bothered that someone I didn't want to find me had found me.

I caught Ms. No Cool online shortly after I got my undesireable comment and my heart was just a lump in my throat, waiting to spill out all over my keyboard. I kept it together. You know, for the monitor's sake. But it was my online friend who offered typed sympathy and then distracted me with idle chatter and flattering words. I felt much better afterwards. She is one smooth talkin' Mexi.

Then I sent two pleas for email addresses to two people I have never met in my life. But they think I'm funny, and say nice things to me, so we're like, tight and stuff. And they responded kindly. Even though one of them yelled at me for making her have to type the word "rhythm" at 10:40 at night. I totally think she was right to get after me for that. And it made me feel better that these two "strangers" didn't flip me the bird, and responded kindly, and that was comforting.

And yesterday, before my late-night drama, I came home to a gift bag full of the most luscious looking grapefruits you have ever seen. And if Ben were here to read this he would add loudly, "And some chocolate chip cookies too that I only got two of, but Avery got three because she sneaked!" There were cookies too. But I was smitten by the grapefruits. That was a nice sweet surprise, that I kept thinking about through the night, and realized---the fruits of my blogging are SO worth it. Thanks Rebecca. Even though it was "no Ben and Jerry's" like you say, every true friend knows the key to my heart is well placed food. :) You are a good friend to me.

And Code Yellow Mom indulged me in a venting email where I may or may not have said some totally inflammatory things. And she let me, and still loves me. And offered to let me blog at her house since I'M GOING TO BE THERE IN A WEEK!!!!!!!

And tonight I called my friend Millie because honestly, she has the friendliest voice IN THE WORLD. And I can divulge that on my blog because unless Leslie, you really are a 53 year old man sitting at the computer in your boxers, in the basement of your mother's house---that secret is safe here. And I told her something completely juvenile and inappropriate that I did and she laughed and laughed and laughed, and I can't even tell you how refreshing that was. She could have just as easily said, "Your attempts at humor are offensive, I need to go pray for you" and hung up on me. Honestly---just as easily. But she laughed. She has a great laugh too. Makes you feel funnier than you really are.

As you can see, I am feeling considerably better about my membership in the blogging world, than I did last night. So thanks.

I bet you meant to type "idle words and flattering chatter" :)

I can't believe I am still first, even though I messed up.

I'm so glad you are felling much better!. See Angela, everyone loves you, as a group we can get together and accomplish many things, for example, make you happy or in extreme cases, beat someone up...really, just ask.
Doesn’t Millie have the nicest friendliest voice ever? She’s cool like that.
CYM is such a lucky Code and I'm glad you got luscious looking grapefruits, you are set my friend.
Have a great weekend!

Can I make new rules to the new bloggin DWR!!! I get to be first foevr! I am jealous you get to go to Code yellow's she is so nice:) You have a lot of great friends I would like to steal from you but they won't come cuz you rock as for me not so much:)

You are worth the log in efforts, though I will reveal the fact that I am in gray capri sweats and a black t-shirt.. now you know what I am wearing too!!! The only thing is, now you can see how uninteresting my own life is and I must keep my log on's to a minimum as not to frighten you with my stocker like behavior?! If I would of known a few grapefruit would do the trick I would of done it a while ago!! Didn't know you were that easy!!! I will miss you while you are away!!

Angela, Angela, Angela...signing into your blog is like getting into an elite club or somethin'. Or like getting carded to buy liquor - do I really look that young? Why, thank you! Incidentally, I've never done either - that makes this even more special. I'm just saying, you get privacy, we get prestige. It's really very chic. :)

And S - you know I stay at your house every chance I get. Which happens to be only when I pack up my kids and DRIVE across America. I'm sorry it doesn't happen more often, because you are a bona fide hoot and really nice, too. Of course, now I might make a special trip since we will need to get my fat baby and Rebekah together and settle the bethrothal. :)(Will she go for a younger man?)

Oh, and Angela: Wearing stuff while blogging is overrated. But I will wear things when you come to visit. Just for the monitor's sake.

i'm so glad to be here, and i've made a tyler connection, i'll email you about it later, once i've had my lunch.
i promise i'm not a scary man in his fifties, you can ask the person i'm about to tell you we're connected through. she'll tell you i'm a girl because she recommended her precious OB/GYN to me when I moved here. :)

I'm not a man, and I won't make undesirable comments, but I wear ugly pajamas, is that okay?

YAY I made it through the Google maze and found you again. And does the fact that I can verify that Millie has the friendliest voice and that NCS is a smooth talking Mexi (and I mean that in the nicest possible way) help reassure you I am not a dude?

the only thing bad about this new elite group that we all belong to now is the logging in... I can't conveniently check 42 times in an hour to see if you have posted anything new.. Will you really know when we log in now??

Awwwww, I just found this. How sweet. I remember laughing super hard at whatever it was you said you did, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was (I'm sure by now you've heard I have a memory problem). But whatever it was, it was dang funnnnneeeeeee.

Thank you for still blogging. :) I'd be sad without you.

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