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From The King-Size Hotel Bed

I could really get used to this life.

We are at Residence Inn now and they serve a full breakfast and a light dinner. Room service, meals, Nick Jr, good books. What more could a girl want?

We had a fantastic time in DC with our friends. Code Yellow is the perfect hostess. She's much more of a domestic goddess than I knew. Or will ever be myself.

We rolled into town around 12:30 am and plunked Avery and Ben down on the pullout bed around 1 am. Avery's never slept "unconfined" before. Unconfined is such a joke---she hasn't been confined by anything since about 17 months old. Anyway, we rigged up some couch cushions and tables and chairs to keep her from falling off the edge----and they slept perfectly all night.

This morning I woke up to the most tender sound of Ben singing softly. He was the only one awake and just laid quietly in the bed, next to Avery, softly singing. "I'm trying to be like Jesus, I'm following in his ways...." It truly melted my heart. Avery woke up soon after and they stayed in bed whispering and giggling with each other. THAT melted my heart again. Then both of them spent the morning yelling and whining at me and I wanted to leave both of them strapped in the cart at target and just take my chocolate eggs and run.

Right now Avery is scaling every surface in this hotel room, and Jay is reading the Winston-Salem tour guide magazine to Ben. He's extolling the virtues of the Melting Pot. Which he's been to like 5 times and I've never even seen the outside of. He probably won't ever take me until I learn how to not end sentences in prepositions.

Earlier Jay was playing hide and seek with the kids. Ben has a pretty good handle on the game, but this is the first time I've seen Avery actively playing the "right" way. She hid herself in the closet while Jay was counting and from the closet she yelled along, "Eight! One! Fie!" and then lets herself out saying "Red-done!" as Jay says, "ready or not, here I come!"

Tomorrow is a long day of walking 20 yards to prepared meals and laying around reading.

While I don't miss the dishes in my sink, I do miss Texas.

I am first! I dont normally comment but I couldn't let this opportunity pass! Glad you are having a nice time!! Maybe Jay's business will expand to Australia and then you can come for a visit!

Isn't it funny how kids can be so cute one moment that you just want to gobble them up and so naughty the next that you want to pull your hair out? I'm so glad we have the sweet "morning moments" to make up for the "Target moments."

It sounds like you're having a really great time, so relaxing and fun! :)

Hmmm...I just realized that I am not on the list of blogs that make you dance. Is that a good thing, because you are rhythmless.
I hope you come back with a tan. NOt that I could see it or anything. Heck, you could just tell us you got a fabulous tan, and we'd never know any different.

If you come back with a tan, I will personally fly there to see it (without my children in tow!). Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation! Call me when you get home!

I figured out how to knock NCS out of the top five....she is tied up in the basement as of this moment...she sure is a noisy burger. As you can tell I have Millie afraid too..we made a phone call. Watch out analise:) I thought you weren't supposed to tan while prego? If you want to be gone the whole month of April I would love to have you I will give you the king size bed, and let you sleep in and blog all you want. I am sure I could get my J to spoon feet you grapefruit ben @jerry's so you don't have to take your hands off the keyboard:) You can even visit NCS LOL

That would be FEED not feet:) LOL

That would be FEED not feet:) LOL

LOL @ S's comment. You don't show up at Bloglines anymore since you went private, Angela. *snicker* - "went private"

That sounds like a pretty fun break from the dishes to me. I love it when my kids are friendly like that... those little moments are so rare, but sweet.

I'm jealous of S for seeing NCS. I miss her.

You know Millie..NCS was only here a minute and I miss her you must be taking a whole bottle of sumtin to get time to go by. I can't believe people actually walk around with sumboros on their head. sp?

shoot. I'm so far behind...I keep missing new posts...And Calvin is missing Ben. It's very precious. Glad you are having a good time.

And you really must go to Melting Pot. If I'd a known...there's one like five minutes from my house, and I remember it fondly as one of my favorite date places ever...

I do need to say that it's not nice to start domestic goddess rumors about a person. I would only divulge that kind of information about myself if I had a private blog, you know. ;)

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