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He's Got My Brains

Benjamin is outside playing with a couple of neighbor kids. One is 8, the other 11.
Benjamin says, "Hey 8 year old friend, Spiderman 3 is coming out tomorrow!" They discuss it briefly, I stick my head out and say, "Next week Ben, it's not coming out until next Friday."
Benjamin then says, "Yeah 11 year old friend, next Friday. It goes like this, (singing) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Thursday, Monday, Saturday, then FRIDAY! Just like that! Isn't that great!?"

Hey, 32 year old friend, isn't my boy a crack-up?

*Jay just read this post and asked "so who were the kids?" and I realized that it looks like I was trying to keep their identities secret---but no---I don't know their names, Ben called them "8 year old friend" and "11 year old friend" the entire 2 hours he played with them.

Yes!!! He is a hoot! The, "Just like that! Isn't that great?" is my favorite part. I'd love to have half that enthusiasm for the days of the week. In any order. :)

Um...do you have other 32yo friends? If so, you need to decide which one you are keeping and let the other ones go, or it could get real confusing when we get together and play and try to call each other by age.

Hey I am NOT 32 anymore and you know that. I still think it is great conversation that Benja is so smart!:)

I'm not 32 years old either. Can I still chuckle to myself at B's comments or was this a private message meant for another?

Friday, you know... "the day afore tomorrow!"

How sweet that older boys wanted to play with Ben! :D

I will not stand for for this age discrimination thing Angela. I just can't roll that way.

I also thought you were trying to keep the boy's identities a secret. ROFL, I LOLed big time.

LOL, I think it's funny that the boys put up with being called "8 year old friend" and "11 year old friend." Did they enjoy their days-of-the-week lesson, do you think?

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