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Because I Thought I Could Spend Half an Hour On The Computer This Morning

Due to popular demand,
Update on Naptime: Avery DID stay asleep. It was a miracle.
That part about weaning Ben from naps---just kidding. He will be napping today.

That's what you get for thinking. :)

And now I can take a short nap peacefully knowing the rest of the story...and also because I have a picture of what the room will look like when I wake up. :)

Holy Buns! I'm glad you kept your temper long enough to grab the camera. That mess would've sent me into a screaming meemie fit.

Can I just say, I'm so grateful for the TV and the Playstation?

aaah i wanna play!!! thanks for THE rest of the story!

Oh...my...goodness! And I thought stuff like that only happened at my house. Hopefully there were no writing instruments involved!

Oh my! It is so sad and shameful that it gives a small bit of satisfaction realizing that your front room looks just like mine on any given day!

The only difference is you take a picture of the destruction, I pull say things my children shouldn't repeat!

oops, I was going to say, pull my hair out and say things I shouldn't repeat. :0

WHAT??? I don't get it!!! LOL!!!

Ps I like your new rug!!

I see the pink scarf. On the floor.
Oh pooor pink scarf. Poooor scarf.

CYM: "That's what you get for thinking." :D

No way. You weren't wearing your coral scarf burka at the time? You never go anywhere without that thing!

In WA, all the women wear coral scarf burkas.

I think someone is at the door?

"I think someone is at the door?"
Yes, it looks like the ghost trike rider is back. Be afraid.

Made ya look:)

Hope you had fun with your long lost friend Amy today. ;)

"Made ya look:)"
Yeah, well, I looked before you ever said anything. So...there.

Ya BUT did you notice one of those kids is not even DWR's:)

Are you pulling the friendship card "S"? If that's your real name. Wanna play hardball? Yeah, I noticed the teddy bear on the couch. I assumed she didn't give birth to it.

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