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We just transitioned Avery to a toddler bed. I have heard people say things about the uselessness of toddler beds, but I LOVE ours. I love that it fits in a small space and that the kid doesn't have far to fall if he or she falls. And there's just something really cute about tucking a little petite girl into a little petite bed. She in turn, tucks a not-so-petite frog in under a petite corner of her little blanket.

The transition has been flawless. Her and Ben are in the same room and are asleep within probably 15 minutes of us putting them down. Or, they are at least quiet, and I don't really care about anything beyond that.

I have exclaimed aloud at least half a dozen times in the 4 days we've had this sleeping arrangement, "Man that went better than I thought it would!"

Today, I put Avery down for her nap, while Ben and his friend stayed up to play. I'm also transitioning Ben out of naps. He goes to bed earlier and easier without, so we're trying it.

Ben and his friend got noisey playing outside and woke up Avery. I knew she wasn't ready to be awake because she woke up crying and couldn't manuever the door handle. Two things that are very uncommon for her.

I ran into her room to lay her back down before she woke up too much. I stumbled into her darkened room and sat down on no less than 3 toys as I positioned myself to soothe her back to sleep. I didn't pay attention to the racket I was making, I had one goal, to get her back to sleep.
It worked. I stroked her hair and she fell back asleep almost immediately.

I did the waiting game every mother has done.

I decreased the number of hair strokes per minute. I lightened the pressure of the soothing hand, so it was barely noticeable. I manuevered my elbow off her pillow so the indentation it made, combined with the removal of my hand, wouldn't make her stir.

I held my breath.

I positioned my body and hands and feet to make the most graceful, noiseless exit possible. No small feat right now, I guarantee you.

I was ready, I was sure, her breathing was deep, her eyes didn't flutter, I was going to move out and wait for just the right moment to breathe again. I made my move.


In my rush and hurry to get to Avery, and in all my stumbling in the dark, I had rested my batootie squarely on a squeaky ball.

Apparently, it too was waiting for just the right moment to let out it's breath.

I hate it when that happens! Did she go back to sleep again?

You have more patience than me! I like toddler beds too. My son is a floppy sleeper and I'm sure he would have hurt himself fall out of a twin size bed when he was 2.

lol,LOL!! i remembered the billions of day care kids we perfected that move on... and that ball noise is too funny. Remember the dad noised when he would fall asleep:)


Did she wake up? Did she sleep again?

I love this story, but I need to know the end!!! ;)

You are good! I feel like I am waiting w/ breath held during the commercial.... Did she wake up?

Seriously... you are one of the most patient moms I've ever heard of. I'm in awe of you today.


I love toddler beds! AllI have are praises and happy memories from them.
"I had rested my batootie squarely on a squeaky ball". So we can say your batootie made that cute "squeaky" sounds. Were you laughing as much as I am?

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