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I got up at 5:22 AM CST because no matter what time zone I am in, my pregnancy insomnia kicks in at 5:30ish AM. I usually don't get up. I usually lay in bed and swear at the damn insomnia. But today I had 3 suitcases to unpack. Which I didn't. And 4 loads of laundry to do. Which I didn't. And blogs to read. Which I did.

I had a regular dr's appt today and there I learned that because of a positive result on a screening they did in my first trimester, my doctor now wants to monitor the baby's heart weekly and do ultrasounds to make sure everything is going as it should. I should be grateful that modern science makes this kind of care possible. I should be grateful that after today, everything looks great and there's probably little to no chance of a problem. I should be grateful that I am in good care and can have children. But to be perfectly honest, I'm totally annoyed. I know the doctor has to do what he has to do. But I spent a total of FOUR HOURS in his office today. 3 of them were butt numbing hours spent with lube all over my girth and monitors or ultrasound wands pressed to my belly. The baby is measuring bigger than any of my babies have measured and the main thing they are looking for with all this monitoring is to make sure the baby is growing properly. He/she is doing more than properly. The end.

Avery got a birthday package from Grandma while we were gone and we opened it this morning. While pushing Ben away and yelling, "No mom, no birthday" at me over and over, she pilfered through the box of tissue paper and goodies. Tucked at the bottom was a lovely, coral scarf. For me. Since I began dressing myself, my mom has been trying to get me to wear things around my neck. I think it started with turtlenecks.

Most recently, in my adult life, she has tried at least once every time we've gotten together to get me to accessorize with a scarf. I can't do it. I feel like a big baffoon. It just don't flow, you know. They look lovely on some people. Namely, my mother. Even both my sisters can pull off scarf wearing. On me, scarves look like loose, sheer, nooses.

Well, the scarf is a beautiful color. In fact, it's MY color---and that is first and foremost why it got sent to me. In my daughter's birthday package. She can't help herself.
I know that.
Well, I can't help myself either.

Mama, I tried.

SEE: Coral Scarf-Wearin' Baffoon

Avery on the other hand had NO problem figuring out to do with her presents. A baby who came with her OWN 'night-night' and some purple bling for the baby's mama. Excellent choices Grandma!

Awww...you're no baffoon. :) It is absoLUTEly your color.

I always FEEL strangled in scarves. In fact I feel convinced that they induce adult tantrums, and tantrums look much better on kids, so I stay clear of scarves as an accessory.

Love Aves' baby and bling - super adorable. I just realized I didn't take advantage of the chance to properly nibble on her while she was here. :(

I glad you took out the white trash so we could see ya pretty face. I have to give this one to Chairl it beats the orange/brown/green/mustardyellow SPEEDO:) Bootiful WEAR IT

I agree w/ S. You should indeed wear the orange/brown/green/mustardyellow speedo! :)

You are loca you know that?
You look so totally cute..,ok, maybe not the gringa karate one, but all the other combinations are cute.
And here I have always thought the only woman ever allowed to wear scarves was Audrey Hepburn.

Avee is a cutey as always, she’s such a girl :)

I believe you should wear that scarf around your neck, tie into a bow. You'd look more professional, and we'd forget that you have a pregnancy t-shirt.

EVERYBODY WAS KUNG FU FIGHTING!!! Thank you for the new song. :)

I think it's funny that your mom tries to get you to wear scarves. My mom gave up on Melanie long ago, but used to buy her cute clothes and make-up and Mel totally hated all of it. I'm wondering which of my daughters I'll do that with. ;)

Gorgeous color, though. Let's see... we should put it to good use...

I'd go for the second style :-)

And in that first one you look like you should be in Saudi Arabia. Aren't those men messed up? "Your hair turns me on. Here, put on a scarf so I won't have to kill you."

I think that's the message they're trying to convey. Women shouldn't turn men on without permission.

Well, Angela makes a whole room sway just by entering.
So there.

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