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I Need To Be Cool

I wondered when it would happen, Ben getting an opinion on what he should wear. Avery came out of the womb screaming, "I am NOT wearing this another second, it's not my color, get it off me!" Apparently wrinkly, red, newborn doesn't appeal to her sense of style.

Well it happened. And it's consistent, but I can't figure it out. Suddenly he won't wear sports clothing, like those basketball shorts or the longer pants made of the same material. Maybe my attitude about exercise rubbed off on him and he can be heard to say, "these are for exohcising---I am NOT wearing them".

He's easy-going enough that sometimes I can persuade him by promising him he only has to wear them until we get back from the store and then he can find something else. Or telling him that Amy's boys wear those kinds of shorts/pants all the time.

But today, he wasn't having any of it. I just needed to walk a little bit across the complex and thought that he should at least have pants on while we did that. I'm classy like that.
So, I pulled out the only clean pair of shorts he had and tossed them to him.

I don't want to wear these showts, I don't like them!
C'mon Ben we're just walking over to the garage for a little bit, put them on.
I hate these pants!
What are you talking about, they are great shorts---those are the kind that __________ (at least five really cool kids) wear!
Fine. I'll wear them, but I'm taking them off as soon as I get home!
Why don't you like to wear them? They are so comfortable!
I need to be cool.
Completely alarmed by this statement, we don't DO cool in this family, how did he possibly get the notion that he could or should? Certain that he doesn't exactly know what cool means, I ask-- What's cool Ben?
Not these!

Sure enough, after we finished our errand and I waddled in the front door, a good 20 feet behind him, I tripped over his very uncool shorts in the entry way. He must have had them off before the front door was opened.