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Oh No I Dih-unt!

Yes, yes I did.

I wore this shirt all day as I traveled from Charlotte, North Carolina to Dallas, Texas.

I must confess, a part of me felt like po' white trash, but the bigger part of me (which is MUCH more dominate right about now) thinks this is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. And I just can't help myself.

I didn't show my face in this picture not because I want to keep my identity super secret, but because I've been packing, traveling, or eating all day long and I don't really need the face confirming any suspicions of po' white trash.

And also, try not to look to closely at the fat aaaaaarms in the little sleee-eeeves.

Aww, so lovely indeed.
You stop all that white-whatever talk right now, you hear? Makes SHG not happy-headed and stuff.

I guess NCS got out of the basement...how does she do that!!! DWR that is by far the funniest thing I have seen today:) I wish I could have traveled with you to see peoples expressions:) LOL

Angela forgot to mention that we went out to dinner that night and SHE made ME change my clothes. JK. Okay so is it bad that I want to wear that shirt and I'm not even pregnant. LOL!!!!

white trash?? Maybe, but definately the funniest thing I have seen on the whitest bread I know! I would have loved to see the expressions on all the happy headed people checking you out! They probably watched you get into your car to see if you had a Baby on Board Sign as well :)

girl, you so crazy.

(sniffle) I am so in love with Chris. I wish I could go back in time and have him baptized and put him on a mission.

OK, I don't even have to see your face to see that you look AWESOME in that color. Your arms look great. I love the shirt - I think it should have a big red bullseye on front, though.

Or a big red pair of juicy-looking lips.

This is so funny that it makes me want to dig out my black maternity sweater that I made look like a magic eight ball...Or go to KMart and buy the maternity T-shirt I saw that said, "Now Showing." Whatcha think?

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