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To The General Public OR, Those Who Like To Stare

She's two.

It's called a fit.

Yes, I see her.

No, I don't care.

Only 14 words and I can TOTALLY picture it! The staring people and all. Wouldn't you like to give them a 2-year-old for a day sometimes?

My pediatrician once told me about tantrums: "That's when you calmly step over them and walk into the other room." Best advice ever. :)

Right there with you.. i.e. Walmart.. 2 year old.. screaming in the cart for the BARNEY CART.. which cost a dollar and I never have a one dollar bill.. I would of loved to walk away that day, but the Walmart employee kepts bringing her back to me!

You have such a way of sayin things. I was just tellin dear husband we are NOT going to have a spoiled brat...but I don't see him being able to "not care" which is exactly what one needs. Good job! I just spent time with three seperate spoiled brats and it is so not pleasant. I would rather see a "fit" then gimmee gimmee's getting satisfied!

Ah...the joys of motherhood! ;)

Here's my take
on the subject.

T-You counted the words on my post! I'm so flattered. :)

Rebecca--Barney, Walmart--bad combination.

S--You can learn your hubby to look the other way or "step over" her having a fit. I'm the softy in this relationship and Jay was THRILLED that I didn't give in. He did expect it.

Suzanne--Ben wasn't/isn't a public fit thrower, or at least responded to my fierce whispers of "I will pluck out your eyeballs if you don't stop screaming", which Avery doesn't, so it's a whole new joy of motherhood for me.

Julie--LOVE the link, thanks for posting it. Great comments too. I can't get over "jiggly butt" that's unreal. It's the "sweet smile" that is disarming.

LOL.... oh, dear. We've all been there.

I love Julie's story. "Don't you think you should take him out now?"

In the South, kids don't throw huge tantrums. That's why you had so many people discombobulated.

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