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Love Letter From Mom

In the box I dug through the other day, unearthing all sorts of lovely reminders of my past, I found this:
This was written when I was 14 or 15 years old. It tells you everything you ever need to know about me. And my mom. I've mentioned in the past how my mom used our kitchen cupboards as her personal "1980's ghetto planner" and I just happen to have saved one of the exhibits. This actually may have been taped across the front door to greet me when I got home from school. Or taped to my bedroom door. Or taped around the phone. With duct tape.

I also can't help notice that, for a former school teacher and MAJOR stickler for proper english and grammer, this note is quite the run-on sentence. It's like she started with a simple request "immaculate room" and remembered who she was dealing with and added "permanently" and then thought, "Oh what the heck, while I'm asking for the impossible, why not throw in practicing!?"

I still can't keep anything immaculate. I still spend inordinate amounts of time on the phone. On the other hand, I don't have to practice anymore! Oh yeah, and my mom doesn't get after me about how I keep my house. She's thoughtful like that.

Oh, this note is priceless. Hope you keep it forever. I'm still a big fan of the scissors on strings aspect of the ghetto planner - I actually thought of doing that this week. Then had visions of small boys hanging with the scissors. So I'll have to wait until the boys are older but still carry things off so that nothing is where I need it when I need it. Your mom is genius, really. She KNOWS what it's about.

P.S. You keep silence immaculately, if I remember.

Oh my gosh T--it took me a while to get the immaculate silence. What a memory! It made me LAUGH!

I'm just counting the days until tying things up is age-appropriate. I'm one-upping my mom with tying up the toothbrushes. :)

Bummer I can't see the note! I sort of have the idea that this is a note your mom left about getting your room cleaned and practicing?

Such memories aaah such memories! If yo house is a mess when I get there you shall pick up 1,000 P.O.T.

:( I can't see it.

I can't see it either, you big tease. You did this just so we would have to drool in anticipation. You're so naughty.

much better, that's funny :D

Duct tape? wow! Way to go Mrs. Angela's mom!
So how long is "permanently"?
How many days would of clean room days would make "permanently"?
What were you supposed to practice? (piano I'm asuming)

I had forgotten about the 80's ghetto planner. That's the best planner ever IMHO.

Oooooohhh!! She looks mad at you, girl. What a bad daughter you were. ;)

Thanks for fixing the picture. It was worth coming back for a second look. Oh, who am I kidding? I stalk you like celery.

YAY I see noteness. Good times, good times...

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