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You Can't Blame Them For Genetics

This morning before church:

Avery voluntarily leaned in against Benjamin as her interpretation of "Smile!"

This sweet photo shoot was followed immediately by me griping at Benjamin about not listening and not smiling normally, and basically how acting his age is suddenly a crime. Yeah, I was at my best this morning. So on the way to church I say something about his nice smile and how it made me feel sad that he wouldn't just do what I ask and pose for the picture. From the back seat he mutters, "Yeah, well I feel pretty bad about it too."

I shut my trap.

This evening, Jay was on the phone and I was lying on the bed reading. When we both made our ways back to the living room to check on the kids, we found this:

Note the complete lack of regard for the supposedly stern parent hovering over her. Granted, I was taking pictures, but STILL.
But these are the kinds of things where I know I can't get mad because I helped make her, and in so doing, made her this way.
On a completely different note: I tried to fix the below post so you can see the handwritten note. Did it work?

oh. my. gosh. I don't know what I want to reach in and grab more - the adorable girl or the cookie dough. ;)

And it is KILLER when the four-year-old puts you in your place, huh?

Such cute kids and such cute green outfits. How can you even stand the preciousness?

(I could see the note in previous post all along...It's my super powers, I guess.)

Ditto on everything CYM said :)
Those kids look so precious in green, they are so cute, and look at that baby eating cookie dough and not caring at all about her parental units looking at her, at all.
Benja never ceases to amaze and mesmerize me.

I can see the note now :)

can you blame her? I mean, it is chocolate chip cookie dough for goodness sakes! And w/ you and that camera, she has the false notion that she is a star and you are her paparazzi! But at least you are aware that you created the little starlet! :)

The question remains: Did she send in a skinny blonde girl to buy it or did she buy it for her self? Ditto: to top three comments...what else can you say...so adorable!

Wow. If you can make Ben feel guilty about not posing for a picture, I can see only great things for you, parentally speaking. You've got his little number.

Avery, on the other hand.... LOL!!! I love that she's in her dress. She's living my dream life: put on something cute, plop on the couch with some chocolate chip cookie dough, and glaze mindlessly at the TV until you're totally unaware of anyone beside you, taking your picture...

When I dream, I dream in Avery green.

Gaze, I meant gaze. I knew I wasn't getting that right. ;)

Were those their Easter outfits? How sweet! :)

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