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Every Vote Counts

Wow, you guys are amazing! I thought having lots of great ideas would be oh-so-helpful. Turns out, it’s just as hard as having no ideas. I STILL can’t decide.

So again, I’ll pass the buck.

Now, don’t anybody get offended (Breitmama, you KNOW you weren’t going to get picked, but you just couldn’t help yourself though, could you!?) if I don’t list your suggestion---it’s all about the bottom line here.

Carrot’s probably quite busy with her NEW BABY but I just want to acknowledge that for some reason, Hot Diggity made me laugh and Que Sera Sera is good, but it’s the title of a blog I already read. So sad. And she’s a really good writer, so I don’t want that kind of pressure on me….

No Cool---Fpeck Attacks made me think about referring to us as the Fpeck Family and for some reason, I felt like I was losing brain cells when I used that phrase. Heeeeeeeey, how about Pho Family?

Red. Beautiful. Is TOTALLY up my alley, but my husband laughed when he heard it. I’m vain, he’s not.

>l< This made me laugh too, but then I’d have to be something like >l< the Artist Formerly Known as Angela.

Okay S, et al. You gave me some good'ns.

Got A Minute is good. I’m afraid I ramble too much to keep that an honest blog title.
Three Cardinals and a Bluejay got my attention. If I have another redhead, I’ll want to change it to Three Cardinals, and Bluejay, and One Cardinal Sinner. Just to be honest and stuff.
Subjects of the Queen just scares me. You know, all that stuff about saying things out loud so they can be fulfilled?
Will blog for (Insert any kind of Ben and Jerry’s here) is definitely a front runner
Go Bears REALLY made me laugh.
I like Dishes? What Dishes!? But that just says too much about me up front, don’t you think?
Real Cool Story made me laugh too, but I think someone beat me to the punch. Someone with good ideas too….

TMM-- Apply Directly To the Forehead
I have to confess, I’m slow. I didn’t get it. But Jay did. And it made him laugh. And then when he explained to me, I laughed too.

Rebecca---Brilliant. See Breitmama's answer. :)

Sketchy---Stop Bugging Avee is a great idea! I love the idea of using stuff from signs. One of my favorite signs here in Texas is: “Humps Ahead”. Who calls speed bumps humps? Seriously!?

NCS---Yay? Is that like, “Jay” in Spanish? Because, if it is, I’ll TOTALLY do it.

Millie---But, but, but I AM hot. To quote Ben “Could you please turn on that sing that makes me not feel so hot and sticky, or else let me take off my clothes?” If I had a quarter for every time I’ve had to bite my tongue when I wanted to say that in public…..

Okay, Here are the final ones I won’t mind being identified as for the rest of my blog career. Or at least until a crazy stalker finds me….

Cookie Dough for Dinner
Apply Directly To the Forehead (okay, I’m torn about this one because it’s funny now with those completely annoying commercials, but will it be in 10 years when I’m a famous blogger, paying y’all royalties for my blog title?)
Will blog for (Insert any kind of Ben and Jerry’s here)
Three Cardinals and a Bluejay
Got A Minute
---I like this for it’s simplicity.

Oh yeah, and I forgot, not to influence you or anything, but I LOVE “Nobody Called Today” just for the image it conjures. I could just get on my blog and go ON and ON and ON and it will be okay because I will have WARNED you---nobody called today...

I could be persuaded by “Subjects of the Queen” but it is true, if this baby is a girl---that could be disastrous. Like a blog-coup or something equally heinous. Then again, if the baby is a boy, then it will probably be the most accurate description of our lives here.

Okay, I just got a new comment with a new idea that was too good to pass up. SPIT HAPPENS. What do you think? Showly makes me laugh! Thanks Julie!

So, give me your votes. If you don’t want to post it in comments, you can email it. Withoutrhythm@gmail.com.

After this, could you come and fold some of my laundry, and my bathrooms really need cleaning…

p.s. Suzanne, I have a sister-in-law named Suzanne. So then my baby would be cursed with the title of "Little Suzanne" or even worse, "Big Suzanne" or "Red Suzanne" or sadly, "The Boy Suzanne".

My vote is "nobody called today" with a second runner up "Got a minute" But I still REALLY like Three cardinals and a bluejay and subjects of the queen w/ or w/o the newbaby! Nobody will be like AVEE, but then again GOD does have a keen sense of humor!
Glad I could help!

I vote for "Apply Directly to the Forehead" and seconding "Nobody Called Today"

Oh I forgot to ask is there a reason for going public without the already clever "Dancing without Rhythm"? Have you been taking lessons or something?

1) Nobody called today
2) Apply Directly to the Forehead
3) Cookie Dough for Dinner
You didn't say how many times I could vote so there.

I was going to get all offended about you not choosing my super cool and awesome entries. But then I remembered you are naming you 3rd child after me and I was ok with it.

"Red Suzanne" or sadly, "The Boy Suzanne"


It's a toss-up for me between "Nobody Called Today" and "Three Cardinals and a Bluejay."

Sketchy does have a point. You could even go back to Angels In The Rearview - which is precious - if you did a different provider.

But let me also add to your conundrum with these:

"Don't Wake Me, I'll Wake You." (I saw a baby onesie with that on it and it made me laugh. And wish that a mom could say that.)

AND - This was actually my first waking thought today: Angela should name her blog "Your WHAT Hurts?!" (Do you ever still say that?)

I'm glad Jay enjoyed "apply directly to the forehead". I'm flattered you would choose it for a finalist. :)

I can't choose! I'm so gutless!

Is it too late to add an entry cuz Phish Food for Thought might work for you... Especially since my first choice apparently can't be considered (despite the fact that it is edgy, witty, completely tongue in cheek & describes you exactly!)

The Boy Suzanne!!
I want to revote.

i like cookie dough for dinner.. its real, its fun, its yummy!!

I also really like "No-Talent Little (BLEEP)."


"I'm helping the economy by staying home and consuming"



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