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His Brand of Sweet Nothings

Jay's in Illinois right now. We've been spoiled to have been together for 6 weeks straight, so I'm adjusting poorly to his absence. But yesterday I got to spend a good portion of the day with friends and distractions and someone else entertaining my children, so it was an easy day.

I got home last night after hanging out at my friends house and letting the kids run wild, in time to let them fall in to bed, exhausted.

I was delighted to find a message waiting for me on the phone from Jay.

It's not often I get romanced so when he leaves tender messages like this for me, I'm on top of the world for quite some time. You know the sweet things your husband can say, the kind that make your knees go weak. The kind that make you know, to the world you're just one girl, but to HIM, you are the whole world....

**"Hi Angela, this is Jay. Just callin' to say hi and check in and whatnot. I'm done for the day. You can call me anytime about anything and I'll. be. here.
I'm kind of missing you because I had a frustrating conversation dealing with _____________ and holy crap, I'm so glad I'm married to a normal person...."

Wouldn't you say he knows how to melt a girl's heart?

I think so.

**Disclaimer: Leaking his voicemail message to my blog could perhaps be a breech of some kind of marital confidence but Jay did know when he married a Smith, we will say or do anything for a laugh. It's the slogan on our family crest.

Awwwww! I see your knees quiverin now.....(thought bubble) I am normal?!

D says that to me every now and then, but my knees don't go weak - I just think with relief that after six years I still haven't blown my cover.

So funny to leak a voice mail, and his brand of sweet nothins really are sweet.

I'd like to see the Smith family crest sometime. :)

awwwww, that boy is one sweet talker!

I can't believe you would betray Jay's trust this way.


I believe you about that Smith thing...having known Millie for years uncounted.

It's so nice to be normal isn't it? Or at least thought of that way... ;)

NORMAL???????? (c; lol. JUST KIDDING!!!

I guess it's always nice to have reassurances that we're normal! ;) I hope he doesn't have to be gone too long!

P.S. I never could come up with a clever new blog name, but I loved the suggestion of 3 cardinals and a bluejay. That's my vote! :)

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