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And Again

My head is pounding. My nose is running. My throat is scratchy. My eyes are watery. I'm sick again. Just to recap my health in this here pregnancy:
Two days before I found out I was pregnant, in the throws of my children's chicken pox epidemic, I got strep throat. First time I've ever had it.
That was September.
October was good to me.
November, head cold and morning sickness.
December, head cold.
End of January, sinus infection.
Middle of February, head cold/stomach ickies combination.
March was kind.
April, it's back.

Tell me that's not fascinating information.

Tonight's dinner conversation.
Ben: So, who lives on Mars?
Me: Nobody
Ben: Who?
Me: Nobody
Ben: Who's that?
Me: Are you kidding me, nobody means---no people live on Mars.
Ben: (chuckling), I knew that. Well, then who lives on the green part of Oaf (Earth) and who lives on the blue parts?
Me: What?
Ben: Who's on the blue team of Oaf, and who's on the green team?
Me: I have no idea.
Ben: Well, I sink Aunt Sehwa lives on the green team and we live on the blue team.
(I later realized he meant water and land shown on a map)

Ben: So, Monica had a birthday yestohday, who's bowthday is next?
Me: Yours
Ben: YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Is it tomorrow?
Me: No, it's next month.
Ben: Is it the next day aftoh tomorrow?
Me: No, it's in a month--30 days away.
Ben: Oh, well lets go look at the number chart and see what a 30 looks like.
Me: No, I'm eating my dinner.
Ben: Whoa Mom 30 looks like a three and a zero! That's almost here!!

Ben: An upside down "Oh" is a "zero". And an upside down "7" is an "L". An upside down "M" is a "W". And upside down "H"...well, it's still just an "H".

ALL of these conversations/obvservation took place within a span of about 5 minutes. And I'm not even telling you about his philosphies on meat and playgroups for girls that were mingled in there.

you poor thing! I am so sorry. If I were there I would make my granny make you the best chicken soup known to man!

I think girls are on the green team and boys are on the blue team. Of course my reasoning behind this is my unnatural fear of shark attacks. ain't no way this girl is going on the blue team :)

I actually would love to know what his philosophy is on girls and meat??!!??

OMGosh that's hilarious. I wan to know what team I am in so bad.
And I'm not even telling you about his.... NOOOOOO! I'm with bretit mama, now you have to tell us, pretty please? I know you are sick and all, but c'mon Angela! Now I am going to be wondering.

30 days is fo-evoh! ;)

These kind of childhood "conversations" remind me of a line in Pride and Prejudice (imagine that!): "My aunt talks a great deal but seldom requires a response." he, he, he. The difference is that Ben has it all figured out. Teams, upside-down-ness, the whole bit.

Please expound on playgroups for girls.

And hope you feel better soon. The rotten bugs that have gone around this winter are killer. I feel for you.

Fever, barf, repeat..... should go on the special Angela instruction label.

Oh, lucky you getting to gestate and carry another human being around during the sweltering Texas summer. I have an August and a September baby. I wanted to remove my truck seat and just plop an ice filled cooler to sit in while I drove instead. Ditto for my recliner.

Sawwy you sick.

However, I think the illness must be getting to you to not have gotten that blue, green thing, lol. Or maybe it's just that my boys are older than yours.

My 5 year old is so excited that his birthday is next in our family. A mere 3 months away though. It's going to be a long 3 months with him whining everyday after I tell him, No it's not your birthday yet.

"I can't figure out what I was doing in Utah this morning."

Ben is so adorable. Reading this post makes me want to, I don't know, talk to my children every once in a while.

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