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7 AM

I don't know if I'm sentimental, or if this is the kind of stuff that makes every mom's day complete.

Avery was sitting at the table eating cereal when Ben woke up. She heard the bedroom door open and without even seeing him she yelled, "Beeeeeean! I wuv you!" Only, he didn't hear it, because when he saw me he opened up his arms wide and yelled, "Surprise!"

Shouldn't we all be so sure of ourselves that merely waking up in the morning is the greatest gift we can think of to give? Not only did I get that from Ben, it came as a surprise as well!!

Avery's inflection was identical to mine with her emphatic and spontaneous "I love you". I can pronounce my "L's" so it was a little different, but it makes me feel like I'm doing something right when I hear her repeat something so sweet.

Also, Sketchy, anyone thoughtful enough to include a link to how to induce labor, deserves a full response to her question...
"Not Happy Bob" is from The Incredibles. Which, is just shy of worshipped in this house. Adults not excluded. Ben was getting all sorts of positive attention for answering every question with "I don't know, something amazing I guess" so Avery thought she'd up the competition.

When Bob gets pulled into his boss's office, his boss, with that really annoying voice (the Sicilian from Princess Bride) says, "Sit down Bob. I'm not happy Bob. Not happy." So, that was Avery's contribution to our incessant quoting of The Incredibles.

The funny thing is, Jay has tried to teach Ben to adapt his catch phrase to fit the situation. "What do you want for lunch Ben?" "I don't know, something delicious I guess" etc. Ben can't stray from the script. Avery, took no time changing "Bob" to "Mom" when her displeasure was aimed at me.

Ben's new quote as of yesterday, which seriously makes me guffaw every time is, "You sly dog, you got me monologuing!" Just see if you can resist the hilarity of a three year old saying the word "monologuing".

P.S. Even though Ben will be 4 in 4 days, I am not allowed to call him a 4 year old until he has a birthday. Per His Majesty's orders.
This absolutely charming pose of Ben's is reserved for special
occasions, like during Primary Sharing Time and in the middle of
the aisle at the grocery store when people innocently "try" to pass
by our cart. It's not for every day.

Cal and Henry have been mindlessly chanting while playing lately, "He's guilty! He's guilty! You can see it on his smug little face!" and I could NOT place it. Until I read this post. The tack incident with Dash in the principal's office.

Henry just saw the pictures of Ben and Aves and said, "Those guys are from Incredibles!!!" I think it's Ben's power pose.

"Monologuing" is hilarous and I really think you need to get a video or recording of Avery saying, "Not happy" because that absolutely cracks me up.

And yeah, Sketchy - thanks for the link. I got all the acupressure things figured out but my husband said I can't use them until he's finished with a couple of deadlines at work. Sigh.

Ben is definitely Power posing. If he were green, he would be the Hulk.
Not Happy Bob! Thanks to you I have been walking around with that phrase in my head, smiling like a total FREAK.

Labor inducer: offer him some candy. That always works.

Well I for one, would not try to cross Ben in a grocery store aisle or Primary program or anything. You don't want to mess with that kid, unless of course you can get him monologuing. LOL

Okay, I'm embarrassed at how long it's been since I've visited your blog. But I had a great time catching up on posts. (We LOVE "The Incredibles" at our house, but my kiddos don't yet quote it.) You are SO funny! Are you sure you don't want to move to Utah and come live in my neighborhood? :-)

Anyway, I'm assuming, since this post is dated in May, that you have since found a way to induce labor. I hope everything went fine and that you are enjoying the newest little one.

I heart The Incredibles BIG TIME.
"Mr. Incredible married Elastigirl?? And GOT BUSY!!!"

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