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Cleaning Habits of Jay and Angela

This afternoon I was trying to bribe Ben into cleaning up some of the stuff scattered about the living room. I wasn't really invested in getting him to work, so I wasn't really deterred by his lack of response, or polite offers of, "It's okay mom, you can do it."

After 10 minutes of my hardly noteworthy efforts, Jay picked up a flashlight and said, "Here Ben, I'll shine the light on what needs to be put away and you put it away." Ben jumped to it and within 10 minutes the living room was spotless and Ben had exclaimed NO LESS than FOUR TIMES, "This is the funnest game EVOH!"

This is all well and good---Jay making chores the funnest game evoh---I'm happy to be a part of such a family. I really thought Jay was a genius for coming up with this "game". Benjamin finding joy in cleaning up and reveling in the cleanliness, he gets from Jay. I cannot lie. I'm okay with that.

However, contrast it with what I found Avery doing shortly after, it's embarrassing what I'VE contributed to the gene pool.

Avery had been trotting around with a bag of cheese puffs. They're organic, by the way, right next to the organic candy bars in our cupboard. She happened to spill about half the bag, unbeknownst to any of us. I turned a corner and found her dealing with the situation all by herself. She was standing there, cleaning them up. "What a good girl," I thought.

My pride suddenly turned to embarrassment when I saw her, still standing, grab a cheese puff WITH HER TOES and raise her leg to drop it back into the bag, all without moving her upper body one bit. She couldn't be bothered to bend the six inches it takes for her to reach the ground. I know that this takes skill for a two year old; But it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where she learned that technique.


I have no words.

OK, tell me you have not picked up organic Cheetos with your toes and put them back in the bag.

OK, tell me you washed your feet afterward and threw away the Cheetos.

OK, tell me someone else ate the Cheetos while you looked on and giggled your cute red head off.

(psssst... Happy Mother's Day) ;)

Okay that was LOLOLOLOL! I didn't know she saw me do that!

I started laughing before I got to the punch line because I instinctively knew it would be a good one......but, I want to tell you.......that was way way over the top of what I was expecting! and of course, I continued with my laughing spell........organic cheese puffs and candy bars.

LOL! At least you know she's coordinated, right? Hmm...organic Cheetos and candy bars. Does this mean that ice cream is organic too? Yay! Let's party! :D

Some day when she is leading a life free from shin splints you will call this skill blessed.


she'll be awesome when she's pregnant. it's amazing what women can do, even at such a young age. :)

awesome avee! ragan and i can do the same thing, and she takes every available opportunity to use her toes instead of her fingers. it's irritating sometimes, though, when it takes many tries and i'm standing there waiting for whatever it is...

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